Did you chose something for this year white pages? Chapters? Themes? Desires?

I believe in the empty space we have ahead and I see it not linear but filled with round crystal spheres that can be magical and almost infinite during a year time.

On top of my fine tuning list is this blog and website that I let faint during long periods of time. During past months and years I had to work hard, tangled with projects, fast forward learning and deadlines. I just had to grab knowledge and technical skills fast, sometimes eating in front of the computer and forgetting that it was weekend time. The interior design has actually a deep backstage if you wanna learn it the right way. Then I sometimes went on the other extreme, unplugged everything and get lost in Bali. It’s not an excuse but that’s how I neglected this virtual muse.

I am planning to reinvent it and give you plenty of insights and tips on home design, lifestyle and everything beautiful that I can catch and transfer.

I think that your home or at least one corner of it should simply amaze, and I’ll do my best in helping you arrive there through articles, photos and advices.

Plus I have a surprise project that every one of you might like.

Stay tuned. There’s a lot of beauty around.