Hopping on the departure plane from the floating island isn’t easy, as nor my mind or my body are willingly leaving.

IMG_9456I see from above how the lush jungle and the ocean shore become smaller and try to eye guess the points I’ve been travelling or where I meet some great people. In the end, that’s all this holly land of Bali is about: great and visionary minds, believers, healers and artists. There is their living room.
The land of one thousand temples is not a typical holiday destination. If you are looking to lay down under the sun on a postcard scenery and just relax, try other stunning beaches destinations. Bali has great beaches too, but its purpose is different: it provides inner purification and outer wellbeing, and if you know where to search, it really answers your deepest life questions.
The Balinese are happy and faithful, their life goes around their communities rituals and gods worship. They feel blessed for what they have and their humility should be a lesson for us all.
In my search for some great minds of the island I came across Tjogorda Gde Rai (above photo), known as the best healer of Bali. His house, as all the Balinese homes, is a compound set in a very large courtyard where the entire family lives. They have their own family temple inside and life goes on, circled by lush vegetation and birds singing, all adorned with what seems stone and wood lace construction details. The healer is surrounded every day by people from all over the world. One by one, each of us were studied carefully by him, who by the help of his fingers traveled on head, shoulders, ears and stopped where problems were. His methods vary from person to person, from handmade recipes to writing symbols on your chest and so on. He sensed my eye problems, deeply put his fingers in my ears and  made me open and close my mouth, pressing into my ears so strong that it hurt. I felt like a storm in my head, like a terrible headache but then guess what? It worked and works even now while I’m writing here. “I put more power into your eyes.” I didn’t look for an explanation to his cures and even now I am not doing so. I’ve just taken everything as it was and feel the benefits even now.
IMG_0101Continuing my guru search, I couldn’t skip the famous “Eat, Pray, Love” Ketut Lyer. He is funny and happy and has over one hundred years old. He lives in a similar beautifully set Balinese compounds (has two cameleons as pets) and I began one of my mornings there with him. He was laughing all the time and kept asking me what was my name every five minutes, each time as if it was the first. He read my hands and he was happy about everything. Regarding this practice I have a theory on Ketut: telling you only good things maybe conditions you to think that way and thus to live happily to some extent. Many people don’t go to him anymore because of this, of Ketut saying only the good part and getting so old. But why not listening on a warm sunny morning only blessings about your life from a century old Balinese guru? I didn’t even fully understand some parts, but more important is how Ketut made me feel: joyful. “You have the lotus flower under your skin and this makes me very very happy.” he said.
The third story, with all the respect for the first two characters, is the deepest and life changing. Also because from some set of strange coincidences I finally arrived in front of someone I did’t know anything about prior to my visit, but now is so clear to me that I had to meet her. I was looking for Ayurveda, massages and booked an apointment that is advisable prior to any Ayurvedic treatments or massage “know thyself” with Uma.
IMG_9880Set in the heart of Ubud, the Yoga Barn and its Ayurveda centre Kush are health and mind blessings. Once you get in you see smiling faces, hear talks on spirituality and how amazing things are on all hidden corners and at the organic yummy restaurant.
Hidden behind palms and lush green huge plants, at the first floor of a movie scene old house is Uma studio. A beautiful Indian radiating calmness and inner beauty, of a suspended-in-time age pulled a curtain and welcomed us in a tinny room with jungle views and ginger tea smell. She was Uma.
The moment she started speaking I realized I had a master in front of me, greater than all my Bali trip so far. Her words and explanation were simple, clear, and full of sense. Her energy was floating all over. Our Ayurvedic consultancy on food, diet and lifestyle began soon to extend on all chapters of my life. She was slowly entering my heart on the front door at the speed of her words. I just felt the urge to tell her everything about me, to abandon myself with all my joys and sorrows there in the jungle, under Uma’s deep eyes. One hour of consultancy became two hours and then we lost track of time. I would’t have left that room for an infinite time. When living her I coulnd’t help but crying. At the same time I felt blessed to finally find what I was looking for since long ago: a superior light.
“I want to come back to Bali and to you.”I managed to whisper while leaving.
 “You will.” she told me “I feel this.”