Lately I’m meeting some fabulous people and I’m also missing some other dear and inspiring ones that I haven’t seen in ages. So it’s time I gave a refresh button to this blog section called “people” and virtually gather some of them at least here.

Georgi (Alina Georgiana Teodorescu) is the first that comes to my mind when thinking about restless artistic and beautiful friends of mine. When I first met her she was a prolific interior designer and the first person who made me think of this chapter seriously, even though indirectly. Her passion in all that she was doing was overflowing and I wanted to enter that vibe also. That was some ten years ago. She was living in Bucharest and was in a continuous search for beauty and for bringing it in the interiors she was designing.

Years latter I’m finding out she lives in London and has her own art exhibitions. Beside her creative eye she’s an inovator, creating superb paintings using the ipad technology combined with her brush strokes. Furthermore she paints  on plexiglass (acrylic glass), creating superb instalations and objects that just left me speachless. She creates deep insights into human body forms, playing so easily with transparency and matter.

One day she’s in Bali to find inspiration, the next one she is having an exhibition in Santorini and then she is hosting a huge event inviting artists all over the world to perform in her native and beautiful region of Slanic Moldova, promoting the region.

Unstoppable. Beautiful. Unbelievable.

more links on her work here:!/pages/Alina-Teodorescu/543642242333213?sk=photos_stream