Brazilian beaches have not only the natural museum of nature to be admired, but a long and beautiful chain of houses that seem in a restless race for “the awesome one”. Isay Weinfeld, Marcio Kogan and many other avant-guarde architects are measuring the sands and creating marvelous constructions.

Here’s one I had the privilege to live in for some days: large and clean spaces, genuine Brazilian furniture, white, beige and green tones together with the ocean picture that lies exhibited on almost every window. As for materials, Navona travertine together with stone and natural wood seem to make a great pact. Doors high up to the ceiling , light painted walls, wood crafted objects and the use of warm colors provide a great comfort sensation for the spaces. In the bathrooms the use of glass walls and transparency let the nature and Brazilian vegetation to intelligently integrate into the ambient.

A large infinity pool seems to end in the ocean and the beach facade with the oriental wood motif are just splendid. Four huge outdoor chandeliers hanged highly by the roof illuminate the facade and veranda in the late hours. Enjoy!