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Dear Year

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I’ve spent the last day of 2017 with an apron over my dress. Nothing of the last years high heels, glitter, champagne and dance till dawn. I’ve started cooking in the morning some home made bread, stuffed beaf, lentils, and lots of yummy starters, listening to Chopin and could’t stop…

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Postcards from the Peaks

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I’ve always been a “sea girl”, meaning that I was feeling waves of joy in my stomach whenever I had to meet the real blue ones and I could spend an indefinite amount of time on the sandy shores, just with a good book, sun cream and frappè. I even…

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Mexico Diary

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Every time I come back to write here is like turning to a quiet lover that waits indefinitely to a busy me that once had promised to write here often (the first and most important request for whoever attempts on blogging). But then life happened in so many ways and…

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Laughing at My Plans

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An Indian guru once told me “You are planning too much your life. Let it flow.” I told her that otherwise I wouldn’t have met her. “We would have met anyway.” she replied. From all that long conversation I had with her, it was the only thing I couldn’t agree….

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New Year’s Thoughts

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I usually write on the last day of the year my resolutions for the next one, those desires I believe or hope can come true for the months to come. They are a row of ten and at the end of the year I check them again to see how…