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Slender Brazilian Casas

Interior Design

Interest in Brazil’s arts outside of the traditional cultural symbols is relatively recent, so let’s take a look at the simple and elegant lines that the Brazilian contemporary architects are lately creating. They cleverly combine natural materials and pure geometry, transforming simple shapes into outstanding spaces.

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Enjoy the Outdoor

Interior Design

As the spring air is already blowing and we are dreaming of warm relaxing moments, so the outdoor furniture designers are helping us dreaming better.

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Last of the 365 Pages


Thinking of a year summary in its very last day is like trying to conclude the last page of a book that belongs to life’s library. And thus I swirl back a roulette around the past four seasons, to see where it stops so I can draw the chapters.

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Dali’s Glimpse in Milan

Art, Blog

I decided to help my English speaking friends skip translations, so this blog will try some Shakespeare language from now on. In Milan is a long queue from Palazzo Reale till Duomo. Something that reminds me of the crowded urge for basic products I’ve seen in the communist childhood times,…

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Parfumul unei dimineti


Stiti ce mi se pare cel mai trist pe lume? Faptul ca nu o sa se duca de rapa de la vreo criza financiara sau razboi nuclear, ci pentru ca oamenii incet incet isi elimina iubirea din sifoniere, ca pe o colectie a decadentei care nu mai cadreaza cu timpurile….

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Beach Houses

Interior Design

Once the hot sun started beating at the window it brought images of heavenly puzzled beach houses. The sea and the oceans are streaming them every summer like bracelets on coasts arms, in different colors and styles, from the bright white and strong Greek blue to the Mediteraneean and Provencale…