September 27, 2011 | People Travel

Back from Brazil, I sense a very heavy luggage, not because of the genuine  acai bracelets, the splendid Brazilian architecture catalogues or some of course Hawaianas. It’s a big jewel, for which I didn’t even  had to pay any extra- tax: the Brazilian spirit.

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September 15, 2011 | Travel
Traces of Brazil – Sao Paulo

It is challenging to fit Brazil onto the keyboard, since it is big in all the directions you perceive it. It is the fifth biggest country in the world, people have big hearts, caipirinha is served in big glasses and the beaches have no end. Sao Paulo manages to be the biggest big. The most important and cosmopolit city in Latin America, Sanpa wellcomes me with a long row of international events, smiling rich and poor people, art and long walking distances.

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