I’ve been walking some awesome paths lately, from the lush jungle of Bali to the warm golden lights of Marrakech sun, than into the evenings perfume of Saint Tropez and lately on the white Sardinian shores. Quite a year so far and it didn’t end yet.
I slowed down on writing because my eyes didn’t want to look at any keyboard while they had in front beautiful world patterns. They kept on registering but now’s the time to empty the tape a bit.

The Saint Tropez part

In July I took the train from Milan for some 4 hours trip, in the company of some fine books in front and of the Cote d’Azur beaches close on the train window. I loved being on that train, as I had the sea as permanent companion and the destination was a romantic long weekend in Saint Tropez.

Once arrived, white linen and lace dresses are waving on the port caffees. On the coquette beaches I cannot help but picturing Bardot. Small alleys take me up above to the Citadella and from there what a view: red roofs of the once fishermen port, lying beside boat masts. Deep blue borders everywhere.

The people here seem to have drunk from a cup of tranquility and pride for the small jewel they are inhabiting. Or they are simply having champagne on a daily basis.
I wander around, taking sunbaths while discovering Saint Tropez and from time to time I stop in some quiet square to read some Indian philosophy, that strangely matches the place. Or just shop some hand woven precious fabrics and later on have dinner for two just above the sea. Here the good life vibe sneaks under the veins at the speed of its French liqueur.