I am actually stretching my fingers before going ahead on typing this article as I realize now, after four relatively messy years of life changing, that is not an easy task writing about it.

Now I have a movie in a magic bowl that recently lighted the “share” button and I’m here to press.  I will share with you my experiment of changing life, hoping that it will bring inspiration, answers or smiles. I don’t know if it is the best receipt to follow, but for sure is not the worst since I succeeded on its scheme.

It all began four years ago when I started to imagine having a brand new life. I started to desire doing something completely different that would bring passion along, to sip a different coffee taste, speak a different language and just let the unknown playing with my luck.

It felt  like walking all the time in my familiar pair of shoes, that with time took the shape of my feet so well that gave a lot of comfort and stability. And then I saw and wanted a different pair, without knowing how it will suit me or how high those heels could lift (of course both pairs had heels).

It would have been easy with shoes, as I would have kept both pairs, but the life path is one so choosing became the big game.

Looking back now I can define  some symptoms that drove me to change everything :

Work worth working

I was working in a bank in a big and recently cosmopolitan Bucharest. I had friends, youth, a great family, gym classes, love stories and holidays. And I was 29. I started to take painting lessons and to involve more into art and design. Only that a full-time job shrinks your passion into a small one, adapting it to the amount of minutes dedicated. Even if I started to fall in love deeper with the design, I was realizing that it could only remain a mere mistress while I am full-time married somewhere else.

Cities worth walking

There are around 400 big cities in the world (with a population over 1.000.000). I was living in Bucharest by circumstances, being the city where I was born, graduated, close to my family and friends and the poll of good jobs in Romania, it was definitely the city of my roots. Only that I wasn’t a tree. My relation with Bucharest was good but not great, it was like living in a big house and not having a good vibe with it, while every time I stepped out to the neighborhoods  some cities were like bracelets I wanted to wear for a lifetime. It was even easy to pick the one I liked most, as Giuseppe Verdi said “You may have the universe if I may have Italy”.

These were the two strong symptoms I accused when asking for a big change as a cure.

to be continued..