I decided to help my English speaking friends skip translations, so this blog will try some Shakespeare language from now on.

In Milan is a long queue from Palazzo Reale till Duomo. Something that reminds me of the crowded urge for basic products I’ve seen in the communist childhood times, the single common element here being the desire.

“I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” Dali once said and he was right, since today we queue silently one after the other for his art to sing for the eyes.

Walking along the paintings and seeing his speeches I find beside his artistic virtues an extremely funny and eccentric character. Seems like he had a lot of fun while living and kept laughing inside, while taking care to perfectly market his art, as “money is a glory”. His answers to various reporters reveal mainly his curiosity for human reaction, rather than the search for the correct sentences to be said. If his mission in life was to amaze while getting rich, than he perfectly succeeded.

Dali loved and treasured living like few people were able. As he said, he enjoyed every minute that passed without being caught by death.

Taking into account his eccentric and artistic nature it is somehow impressive his absolute and steady love for his wife. Dali felt in love with a ten years older and married woman and simply adored her for the rest of his life. Awkward may seem, for a painter who was waking up “having a overdose of satisfaction by being Salvador Dali.” Gala certainly contributed to his blossom, in such an extent that her body and traits are taking different surrealistic shapes into today’s exhibitions. Her framed smile is a content one, as for the lifetime muse of one great man.

Maybe we are shaped by who and what we love, and for some it can transform even  into a woman-body hourglass.