I’ve spent the last day of 2017 with an apron over my dress. Nothing of the last years high heels, glitter, champagne and dance till dawn.

I’ve started cooking in the morning some home made bread, stuffed beaf, lentils, and lots of yummy starters, listening to Chopin and could’t stop going ahead like that till late in the evening. I’ve set a long beautiful table filled with candles and food, for only me and my love, after magically managing to put the little one to sleep.

My life changed completely and this last day of year seemed to picture the beautiful metamorphosis I went through since becoming a mother and a wife.

Between the timing for bread leavening and candles lightning I took some minutes to write down all the things I hope this year will bring into my life and some I’ll put myself to work to make them happen.
Every year I try to stick to a number of ten so here they are, I’m making this virtual space a testimony of them as well:

So, dear year, please..
Bring new wonderful people in my life, inspiring, funny, curious and good hearted persons with whom I’ll have alot to share.
Take me to remote beautiful places, take me often, take me far away.
Keep my family in health.
Throw me into silent and inspirational moments where I can create, paint, photograph and work my passion.
Let me be a wonderful mom and grow up a happy and healthy child.
Love, be in love and keep on descovering and caring for the wonderful man I have by my side.
Pour some great wisdom and spirituality and create time for me, for books and meditation.
Rock that body like never before with daily sport.
Take my cooking experience to the next level with new heealthy recipes and mouth melting dinners.
Finishing the selfish wishes, here comes something for the world: make it possible for me to give and do something for those in need.
That’s all dear year, see you next December.