I was once writing about some very beautiful furniture pieces that are combining comfort with the use of technology, allowing us to sit comfortably while working on the computer or using other devices. Today I think that the process of living with technology will slowly reverse.

We are so overwhelmed with hi-tech, so hypnotized by the world inside a smart phone that we lose track of the real life even when at home and our quality time with family and friends starts losing ground.

So I guess and hope that in the future we will have a tendency to “clean” the spaces of everything that’s technologic, to switch off all the devices and enjoy a conversation, a child smile or a good book. I think dinning will become just dinning, without watching some big strategically placed TV. Beautiful and comfortable dinning spaces will be a must. Following this idea I also hope meditation and silent rooms will become popular.


Mixing functions in different areas is gaining popularity, placing a small library in the kitchen or a sofa and a carpet in the bathroom helps relaxation and increases creativity and good energy.


As far as patterns are concerned I already see a shift from plain and neutral interiors to a burst of florals, ethnics and daring ones. I also love and see more often statement pieces like awesome stairs, sculptures, special walls, something that works as a signature mark for a home. Displaying objects as in an art gallery inside the house is also a future trend.