I will not write about the benefits of having a dog nor about their sweetness. What I am currently realizing is that, while observing my dog’s character (and he’s still a puppy), there are some important lessons for me and maybe most of us. Axel Munthe said (strongy reccomend “The Story of San Michele”) that of all creatures living on earth dogs are the one with the perfect inner self and we should really learn from them.

One of these days I took  my Pablo for a long walk in Milan on a shinny day, from the Duomo to the Brera quarter.
Soon after we began our walk I  started pulling his leash while he was pushing back and than just stood still. I was getting angry because we were not getting any further on my planned path. I continued for about fifteen minutes trying to convince him to walk, with no results. He remained still, watching the passers by, the sun and the Duomo and sometimes walking at a very slow pace. He started playing with the shades the sun cast on the ground. He was curious about the street artists (he even ruined the show of one of them but everybody laughed), about the children stopping to caress him, and to my despair curious about everything. I realized that my purpose was to arrive in Brera, while his purpose was to enjoy the walk, watch the people and the things that he was seeing for the first time and just be happy.
From that point on I let him lead me through the streets and do whatever he wanted. He made me see things I’ve never seen before, I forgot about the time or destination and just had one of the best walks in Milan.

I was so used to be in a hurry that hurry had become my usual measure and maybe was cancelling so many beautiful things, that pup up only in a slow and relaxed  manner. He slowed down my thoughts and clock on a bright Sunday morning.