Once that summer heat has faded away and some chilly breeze blows away the window curtains it’s time to adapt our home to the newly arrived autumn. It is a beautiful passage and a pleasant season towards the freezing winter days, so I don’t suggest to make major changes, but only some that make your houme a good match of this cosy season and its fabulous colors. As the nature changes outside always resonate with ourselves, our nests should follow the cycle as well.

You should remove any cooling accessories and materials that are strongly related to the hot season, like for example white linen and blue crystals. Replace them with heavier fabrics and the so trendy and warm colored ethnic patterns.

If you have light summer rugs it’s time to replace them with heavier ones. You can already place a winter throw on the sofa and change the decorative pillows.




(beautiful Bokja ethnic furniture)



Orange is the new black in fashion this season, it’s a perfect time for it now.



Opulence is back as a trend now so you can go for bold golden or bronze accessories.



It’s harvest season, so bring some of it inside. Have a central table décor or an outside decoration corner with fruits, flowers (you can easily decorate with coloured leaves) and spices. It brings the nature’s harmony inside and has a lot of good vibes.




Good decoration everyone!