I know we cannot help but add red to our home for Christmas, as it is its statement color, it calls for Santa and it calls for good vibes and energy.

But I dare to show you how mixing silver and gold with white brings candor and that celebrating atmosphere for Christmas. A touch of black or grey and the elegance is there.


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You can use golden or silver spray on pine cons or dried berries for wretches and have your own gilded ornaments.



Now’s the time when pleasing the senses with good fragrances inside the home it’s a must. Not when cooking is involved as the oven flavors always have priority. Cinnamon, orange flowers, vanilla and all the heavy and sweet ones, now’s their time to flow in the home, from candles, essential oils or anything you find that is as natural as possible. You can spray them on pine cones as well.


I don’t agree having natural Christmas trees in the house as their place is in the nature enjoying the winter. But we can go and take some natural branches that give authentic flavor and atmosphere to our home. Than we’re a step away from doing our wretch, is fun and easy and the sense of pride at the end is priceless.



Add unconventional tableware, like this beautiful artisan clay piece and exagerate with the ones for the desert, now it’s all permited.




Place heavy wool or cashmere blankets on the sofas and change pillow covers with some winter pattern ones, is the easiest trick for transforming all of a sudden your home atmosphere.