During my last projects I encountered some visible ceiling beams than stared out at me and at the spaces that needed my help.

I can show you how I handled both an entire low of ceiling beams in my recent Bucharest Le Mans bar and also some single ones in a residential project.

Let’s start by seeing what you can do when there are many beams in a single place:

The main idea is that if you cannot escape large numbers of ceiling beams you can transform them into an artistic object, paying attention in not having a heavy aspect of something falling from the sky. In my case I thought of creating plaster waves, I gave the same shape to all of them in order to have a sense of order, place reflective adhesives between them and also on the newly created wave.

Of course the workers team and coordination is essential, as it is not taking “it can’t be done” as an answer.

Here are some of the work in progress photos and also photos of the final result.



What is to be done when instead, you have a big beam dividing the room like in the below photo?

Well, you can hide it wisely by creating a modeled ceiling. Thus you can take advantage of the newly created form and hide the curtain rail, air conditioners and also some nice ambient light behind it.

Soon I’ll show you photos of this house with all that I described above installed.

I hope you enjoyed my post and gave you an idea on how to transform single and obsolete ceiling foes to home design friends.