Copenhagen Files

Nyhavn is the postcards canal bordered by colorful houses. I arrived there early in the morning on my way to the mermaid. The strong wind was shaking the boats, mixing the moving masts sounds with its blows. The terraces were empty like on a film stage before the main action. Which I guess here unfolds during summer time.

Before the mermaid esplanade there is an Anglican church made of grey stones and thrown on a very green landscape beside a lake. That sort of place that makes you think of secret stories and hidden catacombs. It was not open yet as they were preparing the Sunday service. But still I sneaked in. Black colored nuns dressed in white looked like angels. A young priest was lighting candles. One of the most peaceful places on earth. A nun sensed my embarrassment and smiled to me in a way I could never forget. As she had everything and wanted to tell me I had everything too.
Just steps away from the church, on the water shores up on a pile of rocks lies the mermaid, whose sorrow begins in her eyes and takes the form of a beautiful tail. She tells me that she lost everything and that I may lose everything too.


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