When starting a home decoration I usually create a mood-board of colors and materials. The floor and its texture is the first on the list as it remains the least subject of changing during future redecorations so is the most lasting element in the space. Then I go for the walls and all the rest. The most common choice for the base color goes usually towards the elegance of neutrals beiges or greys as base hues. I love combining them and the possibilities are infinite. But now I would like to show you the beautiful and calming atmosphere that another color can create inside your space: the light blue

Being a cold color it refreshes the interior and makes it look bigger so even if you exaggerate with accessories it will never be a heavy atmosphere. I prefer combining the light blue with black and white textures that accentuate it and also with metallics, especially bronze items for that warm touch.

It is a color that goes incredibly well with wenge wood, white ceilings and boiserie as they enhance this splendid tone.