Every time I come back to write here is like turning to a quiet lover that waits indefinitely to a busy me that once had promised to write here often (the first and most important request for whoever attempts on blogging). But then life happened in so many ways and that “often” became a broken promise. My Indian Balinese guru had told me: “You have the wind as your element. You go everywhere fast and travel a lot with your mind and body. You’ll struggle for stability and regularity always but being windy is also so beautiful.”

The blogs in general mirror the personalities of their owners. And mine for the moment mirrors a lot that windy prediction.

Now I’m on a Mexican beach in Tulum, with a wind stronger that mine. The jungle begins right where the white sand ends. Earlier I went jogging close to it and heard the rumor of some animal running away fast in the intricate bush. It got scared by seeing me and I got scared only at hearing its rumor.

Since having my boy Filippo things that once made me curious and excited now scare me. I think it’s a fast neuronal path that is telling me that the world has many hidden beauties but the baby needs the mommy for a long time. It’s my first remote holiday with him and I am constantly adjusting to this formula.

Mexico gathered so much color and richness on this part of the coast, colored birds and fruits, dolphins, flowers and some amazing Mayan ruins right on the beach. Filippo is gazing  at all of this and spends entire minutes just looking at the ocean with the pointed little finger ahead. I cannot wait to tell him the story of the Mayans but how I’d love to hear his side of the Mexico story.

The Mexican popular art is colorful and full of joy, as if they were catching the nature around them and transform it into pottery, ceramics and home objects. The color combinations are bold and unexpected, they would look so lovely in some interior projects. For now though I think I’ll just fully enjoy what’s exterior.


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