I’ve just comeback from the beautiful Oltrepò Italian hills, dressed now so amazingly beautiful in autumn colors. They seem to mix those shades and pour them into your wine glass if you chose to stop and drink one or more in those pittoresque wineries that come across the way.

I’ve taken some photos in one that’s called Prime Alture. It’s so chic, romantic, the food is amazing and the wine is addictive.

As I enter the beautiful high ceilings restaurant I cannot help myself but asking “What’s missing?” or “What’s to be taken off?”. And I imagine some heavy velvet curtains in salvia or lavender color that I would of course leave wide open for the scenery to pop like in a precious frame. Then I see some vintage rugs, different for each table, more drama chandeliers and so many other beautiful accents. The place just lets me dream eyes open and redesign it virtually over and over again.

What’s your idea?




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