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Oltrepò Winery

Blog, Interior Design, Travel

I’ve just comeback from the beautiful Oltrepò Italian hills, dressed now so amazingly beautiful in autumn colors. They seem to mix those shades and pour them into your wine glass if you chose to stop and drink one or more in those pittoresque wineries that come across the way.

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The Surrealist Lady


Meret Oppenheim works and Man Ray famous portraits of her are here at Lugano Lac and I took a quick visit. Fruits of a particular mind conected between them by deep feelings and creativity, that’s what I perceived of her. A lady that landed in Paris at its art peak…

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Mexico Diary – Part Two

Blog, Travel

We left the beach shores and headed to Valladolid, a pittoresque small town one hour drive from Tulum. We arrive at central square, surrounded by colonial buildings and feels like landing directly into genuine Mexican life, with colored dressed people and a Mexican food smell that pulls us quickly in…

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Blue Navy Time!

Blog, Interior Design

Finally this royal color is back on its rights. His lover Christian Dior once said “ Among all colors, navy blue is the only one which can ever compete with black, it has all the same qualities.”

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Mexico Diary

Blog, Personal, Travel

Every time I come back to write here is like turning to a quiet lover that waits indefinitely to a busy me that once had promised to write here often (the first and most important request for whoever attempts on blogging). But then life happened in so many ways and…

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Laughing at My Plans

Blog, Personal

An Indian guru once told me “You are planning too much your life. Let it flow.” I told her that otherwise I wouldn’t have met her. “We would have met anyway.” she replied. From all that long conversation I had with her, it was the only thing I couldn’t agree….