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Copenhagen Files


Nyhavn is the postcards canal bordered by colorful houses. I arrived there early in the morning on my way to the mermaid. The strong wind was shaking the boats, mixing the moving masts sounds with its blows. The terraces were empty like on a film stage before the main action….

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Copenhagen Files

Interior Design

Despite the strong November wind blows and heavy raindrops Copenhagen insists on showing me some of its best features: a mix of smiling faces, tasty smells and awesome design.

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Step Back in Time at the Villa Reale in Monza


It worth a visit and it worth your time as it makes you travel back at the end of the XVIII century and admire the adornments that belong to those beautiful artistic moments. Built in Neoclassic style and recently restored, the villa is rich in detail and every room seems…

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On “Design Italiano”

Interior Design

Triennale Museum in Milan is a never ending fountain of inspiration for art and design. I’ve just seen the “Design Italiano Oltre le crisi” exhibition where famous pieces of what educated an elegant eye in the last century are silently occupying their setting like some renown artists on their scene.

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Champagne Place


I’ve been walking some awesome paths lately, from the lush jungle of Bali to the warm golden lights of Marrakech sun, than into the evenings perfume of Saint Tropez and lately on the white Sardinian shores. Quite a year so far and it didn’t end yet. I slowed down on…

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Turning 35 and it’s all about People


So here I am, turning 35 and thinking about all the flashing moments from the path that brought me here: alive, healthy and smiling. If I should cast a 35 years episode it should unfold on the Danube than on the streets of Bucharest and the last part should be…