I’ve always been a “sea girl”, meaning that I was feeling waves of joy in my stomach whenever I had to meet the real blue ones and I could spend an indefinite amount of time on the sandy shores, just with a good book, sun cream and frappè.
I even love the sea out of season when there’s no one around, like a lover that enjoys even the dark parts of the other one. The cold waters seem to whisper tales from the past and was enough for me. It’s windy but still gorgeous. I could have even spent some winter holidays in the cold scenery but this idea obviously found no match.
The mountains gave me a sense of stillness and light irritability and the only pleasant image I could have of them was that full of snow. And the only pleasant activity since I continuously rejected skiing was the blissful spa and sauna. While my friends always shared beautiful stories of ski and after ski I always came back from the winter holidays with an exfoliating nose from the overuse of sauna.
That pattern was interrupted when I felt in love with kind of my opposite. A guy that gets pretty annoyed on the beach but races on the black ski tracks like a devil. One that knows all the mountain paths, beaten and unbeaten and has all those strange devices and clothes for mountain bike, mountain hike and every other activities that were out of my orbit for good and I quarrel every time advocating those blue shores.
Strangely I married exactly this one. And after six long years of “ItoldyouIdontlikemountains” one fine morning I suddenly decide I’m going with him in his regular “walks”. After an almost vertical hike in the woods when I thought I would spit out my lungs, while begging him to come back and continuously asking if there are dangerous animals around (he laughed all the time) I realized we were surrounded by a surreal landscape, by a meeting between winter and autumn.
The Golden Leaves where backed by the snow of the peaks and the in the air it was one of the finest perfumes I’ve ever felt: the deep mountain forest. There’s a peacefulness there and a beauty that almost hurts the eyes. And it was one of my most beautiful experiences so far, new and bright that opened so many other desires, so many new things to discover within those still giants.
What I’ve understood was not only how deep something still can be, but also how easy I could have miss it all. And how great my mountain laughing guide is.