The energy I feel during the Salone del Mobile week was enhanced this year by the arrival of my forever suntanned – forever young – forever smiling Brazilian friend. I hadn’t seen her for five years years. I thought to see some kind of wrinkles or signs of lost sleep after three kids, but nope. Incredibly the same. “Tell me immediately what skin care creams and stuff you’re using there in Brazil.” I was prepared to make some bulk online impulse shopping but the reply just left me helpless: ” I use nothing. Just wash my face with soap.”

So, reminding myself that everything in life is possible, even age blocking, we stepped into the realms of design goodies. First thing first, some cool wall decoration ideas we loved:

Backlit red wall panels that are so full of personality:











































Playing with transparency on the wall:






















Checkered backlit wall used for display and storage:











This high impact beauties:


































Sicis mosaic coolness:

Antonino Sciortino sculptures: