I just got back from the fastest passage from reality to dream. In one hour flight from Milan life can suddenly change into an oasis. The hours of the day can transform into silver fishes that are playing with you in a turquoise shaped clock, hanged on a white sand wall.

Once landed in Sardinia a perfume of flowers and good life is awaiting at the airport exit doors. There grows a a species of hemlock water dropwort (Oenanthe crocata) which was known to ancient islanders as sardonion. This plant delivers, when ingested, a neurotoxin that causes the facial muscles to convulse into a smile. Its perfume scents all the coast.

For moving around you need either a boat or a car, as the island is big (second largest in the Mediterranean) and the distances long. The scenery is beautifully wild and depending on the month you can find a green Sardinia (even in July) or a more arid one in August. But the blue goes well with everything. Back in time the riches of this place have attracted numerous invaders and that’s why the inhabitants left the shores and turned from fishermen to farmers. This aspect is reflecting today in their reserved and closed attitude towards strangers, even in the tall stoned fences that reminded me of the Flinstones houses. Their language is not an Italian dialect but a completely different language, that sounds rocky and tuff and imprint even more the unique pattern of the place: a treasure with its permanent defenders.

The specific Sardinian dishes are coming from farms and are made of sheep cheese, pork meat, and honey sweats, but you can of course indulge into some delicious fish dishes as well.

The pearl of the island is Costa Smeralda, the north-eastern part, where a luxurious turism has developed over the time and the contest for the biggest and most beautiful boat is permanently ongoing.

Still, it is not the food or the perfume that attracts thousands of boats and millions of people to its shores, but the Sardinian main pearl: the beach. And here you cannot go wrong, because even if you lose track you still end up in paradise. Luxurious or wild, the Sardinian white braceles are a collection that gives addiction and brings peace to mind. Liscia Ruja, Cala Sabina, Spiaggia del Principe and many others playing in the chain, are a magnetic therapy where you can leave your worries and troubles being sure that those waters are able to sink them for good and take you forward. They remain good hostess for the evening too, equipped with lounge bar music, coaches and cocktails. And don’t miss Phi Beach lounge from sunset until late, it’s a magic spot.

I think you cannot come back from Sardinia the way you were before; the hypnotic atmosphere  remains on the back of the eye like a photograph impossible to erase, a pattern that keeps on imprinting on your every day reality once you’re back in town.