This island bathed in turquoise waters seems to have its own characters carved in stone.

Beside the idyllic beaches the shapes that nature decided to have here amaze me every time I walk these shores so I decided to go deeper into this matter and take photos of them.

My friends are sometimes laughing at me saying that “those are only stones”, but I see giants talking to each other, elephants, lovers embraces and so on. And they seem to wanna be seen. As if there’s a hidden life carved there that wants to tell us stories about the past, the winds, the boats that are trying to conquer each other and how they lasted above all these.

Let’s see if we see the same things:

First two photos for me are three giants talking to each other. The third photo is a man with the backside up and a smaller one trying to dive in waters or sands. The fourth is a woman and a man laid on one side looking at the horizon. And the last one is a seagull eating.

I have an entire collection, just showed here some. Cannot wait for the holiday here with my little nephew to see who gets more characters in this silent art of the nature. I bet he’ll win.