Missing ideas for that livingroom wall or that long hallway? Or you just have that feeling of improving your home decoration but don’t know how?

Try some black.

From light accents like photo frames or accessories, to painting entire walls or dors, black can be the right answer to your interior dilemas. There are however some rules to follow:

Use it on more than one surfaces or objects, so that your black object or black wall matches with some other black items. If it stands alone it would look like a mistake.



If you are on DIY mood, the black painting should be simply flawless. Black trimmings and doors combined with white walls stand out, but leave the hard work to the professionals.

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If you chose black for your bedroom it adds intimacy, but make sure you balance it with white or light color beddings or accessories. It will stand out in a chic way. And yes, you can have it all dark as well as in the photo below if you chose some dark shades of grey and have them together in a harmonious way. But please buy alot of flowers.




Fresh colors look brighter and more dramatic on dark or black background. But there should be a tone balance, like the white floor on the photo below.



If your space is small and you want to paint a wall black or dark, don’t chose the wall most exposed to sunlight as it will make the room look smaller. Chose the darkest wall and make it darker.

It has a big comeback these days especially in bathroom fixtures and I see it often (maybe too often) combined with metro white diamond cut tiles. I prefer the marble combination version however.


The flaw of the black and dark colors is that they are dust attractors, but if you live in a place where dusty air is not a problem then try betting on them.


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