The place where we probably spend most of our hours while at home, first contributor to our energy refill while sleeping: the bedroom. Essential for our biorhythm, tranquility and everything that emerges from a good rest, the bedroom requirements are in the  front line of a home project.

Here are some of the things we should welcome and avoid in the nest of our home:

If you find yourself in the first phases of  the project and the nature around the house is a marvelous show, than integrate the nature in the bedroom by placing large floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom.
Another general rule, independent of the above happy case, is to position the headboard to the opposite wall respect the door wall, in order to have a good visibility and intimacy. 
If you don’t have a wall behind the bed than place a panel or a tall furniture item that provides intimacy and a strong feeling of protection. It can also act like a sound and light filter.
Avoid shelves or clutter spaces that attire dust. The oxygen quality while sleeping depends on it.

The bedroom is not the place for TV or any devices that distract the attention; books are aloud. Limit the electromagnetic pollution that badly interferes with the sleep at minimum.

Avoid the mirrors and follow Feng Shui advices saying that they are among the enemies of a good rest. If you want to go deeper into Feng Shui then don’t place anything related to water in the bedroom (vases, pictures, painting depicting water).

As for the colors and patterns, place your bets on natural shades palette, avoiding the strong tones. If you love strong tones and wanna give it a try mix them wisely like in this beautiful vintage one:
I would also recommend dark neutrals that emphasize the clean white of bed linens and accessories and provide a relaxation atmosphere.

As for the materials and textures a few tips are interesting to know: shinny and glossy surfaces like marble, glass, mirror are good sound conductors so less recommended where resting, while soft and more materic materials can attenuate the sound.
Regarding the lightning get some fresh ideas and forget about the central hung chandelier, is a bit dated. Instead you can place beautiful lamps on both sides of the bed following this simple rule: if you choose two different lamps for the bed sides then the sides cabinets should be identical and vice versa.  You can also place lights on room corners beside a reading table or sofa. Have fun with your bedside cabinets, choose unconventional ones.

Curtains: have the best quality curtains in the bedroom and chose them to act as good light filters.