The most challenging step if you feel the drive for a life change is choosing what to do and where to shift. Before  making any further plan, you must arrive to point the finger on what you desire most to do. This is the most important step, if you perform it well the rest is mainly logistics and circumstances.

Four years ago I start picturing my life free of the daily everything, like emptying the closet for a complete season change. Emptying is great, as any amazing thing has space to come and settle. Emptying is also tricky, as all that space is now waiting for better days.

I had some dialogues with myself and I remember that one question in particular helped: “What work would you choose if the financial part wouldn’t matter at all?” As I was coming from the field of numbers and loved math, when decided to change my job and my country I was obviously performing some algebra looking for some predictions. But it didn’t help. The results were mainly with minus.  In choosing the job that gives freedom and joy to an extent you don’t feel working, you don’t have to count numbers at the beginning. Just choose what you would mostly enjoy to do in life and leave that part for the next steps.

After days and nights under the shape of a question mark I decided to stick to the art and design, learning to transform and fill the spaces with harmony.