What can someone do when nature around is in a never ending dance?

I had to give in and just lay still and watch the show of white sands and blue waters changing supremacy over the shores as hours pass by and tide takes its course.

I just freezed everything in a freezy Milan and escaped to the Zanzibar hot paradise to regenerate skin and thoughts.

No deadlines or calls, no multitasking or keyboard hitting. And coffee is for pleasure purpose only and not for some imminent wake up help.

The only task I set was waking up at sunrise and go running on the white sandy shores.

At this time of the day fishermen are already setting nets and the small indigenous villages nearby are in a slow and natural morning moving ritual that I’m so happy to witness. Someone is carrying something that I slowly realize is the biggest fish I have ever seen alive (me alive the fish not). It is almost twice in length and the man transports it on the shoulder. I am so sorry that I remained stupidly petrified by that huge being and the only photo I took is here below (the blurred one) after the danger passed and senses were back, haha! I guess the paralysis thought was that in Zanzibar I’m swimming with dragons underneath.

I hear the cocks thrill announcing the wake up over the handmade woven roofs and it sends me back to childhood years at my grandgrandparents home in the countryside.

Here this song is surrounded by blue waters and this place quick became my favorite morning jogging alley together with Rio’s Copacabana. After one hour of run between the sand and the breeze there’s a premium jump in the fresh ocean waters that clear thoughts and go deep within. There’s an incredible energy that it transmits especially when waves are strong and I go against them. I hope to stock this energy somewhere for hard times in urban cities.

After the ocean morning treat there come some amazing gifts from this land of wonder trees: all the tropical fruits are crowding to color my plate.

I would then order some limitless row of mornings like this but I don’t see the waiter yet.