It is challenging to fit Brazil onto the keyboard, since it is big in all the directions you perceive it. It is the fifth biggest country in the world, people have big hearts, caipirinha is served in big glasses and the beaches have no end. Sao Paulo manages to be the biggest big. The most important and cosmopolit city in Latin America, Sanpa wellcomes me with a long row of international events, smiling rich and poor people, art and long walking distances.

At our first meeting Sanpa looked tall by its skyscrapers, rather closed by double gates at entrances and more adapted  to businessmen than to tourists. I also felt its youth compared to the old continent cities, Brazil being discovered by Cabral in 1500, at times when in Italy the Rinascimento works could already be admired. Back in the XVIII century Sao Paulo land was discovered to be perfect for coffee plantations, opening thus a succesful stage for it. Suddenly its landlords became rich, fancy restaurants , hotels and an entire infrastructure appeared to serve them, together with the dawns of a new lifestyle.

I tasted this 11 million inhabitants metropolis for one week and gladly found landmarks that latter would  yearn for a comeback:

MASP, the most important museum in Latin America is on the top San Paulo’s offer. Designed by Lina Bo Bardi, the museum hosts it permanent painting exhibition in a small space on one floor. Yet, it is like a concentrated amazing good drink, as all the great masters are gathered there. It  doesn’t give you time to relax and digest what you have just seen, because the next painting is also a huge hit. There’s no middle way at MASP, as you are welcome immediately by Rubens portrait, than soon Manet’s “Amazona” sits next to Rembrand bearded portrait, Van Gogh “School boy”, Picasso’s “Portrait of Suzane Bloch”, Degas ballerinas, an entire Modigliani collection and many others. Looks like no great artist is missing from MASP reunion, Brancusi is also mentioned as having had a great impact on Modigliani.  So if you arrive in Sao Paulo taste this rich beautiful city gift.

The tall and busy city paysage made me wanna escape one day and have a glimpse of the famous Brazilian green, so I landed in the Ipanema Park: brasilian dimensions, black swans, lovers, joggers, strong green and awesome city panorama at dusk. Combining MASP and Ipanema for one day is like a perfect dish. IMG_2371IMG_5963