So here I am, turning 35 and thinking about all the flashing moments from the path that brought me here: alive, healthy and smiling.

If I should cast a 35 years episode it should unfold on the Danube than on the streets of Bucharest and the last part should be behind Italian art and on the Mediterranean shores. 

Seems I made friendship with my lucky star in the end, for all the amazing places my feet left trace on, the gift of artistic forms in front of my eyes, and all the food and wine for the other senses at once.

But most important was other gift I received during this 35 trip, that of the people I met and especially those that remained in my life after ups and downs, distance or silence.

Some people are gifts, others are lessons. Today the lesson-ones are dear to me as well, even though it was not meant to walk along the same path.

As for all of you with whom I shared joys and sorrows, the ones with whom I miss so much laughing and partying today, just want to say a big thank you to the moments destiny decided that we should meet and I’ll play my part in staying by your side from now on.